Device Drivers and Applications ("Plug-Ins")

Automation is about controlling hardware and software. Device Drivers dramatically extends MainLobby Server's ability to control a wide variety of popular devices. A software Driver allows MLServer to "talk" to a piece of hardware. If the device supports it, some of the drivers have 2-Way communcation. This capability significantly improves the reliability of your automation system.

Applications integrate MLServer with other software. Whether it's interacting with the operating system or other 3rd party software like a Media Player, Cinemar allows you to leverage the best of software into a cohesive user interface and control system.

Cinemar has built drivers that take most of the work out of adding a new lighting controller, security panel, or Audio / Video equipment into your automated home or business.

Cinemar also builds custom device drivers if you have an important device that begs to be controlled. Send a request to Cinemar with the device name for a quote.

Our knowledge of automating devices and software allows you to get the most out of your hardware and software investment.

The list of plugins listed below is only a partial list. Visit our Documentation Wiki for a more up to date list that includes links for detailed setup information for each.
Most software products of the MainLobby Suite are available for 30 day demo. Fill out this Trial Request form and you will receive a download link where you can download the latest products.
Plugins that ship with MainLobby Server 3
Name   Description



Connect your telephone lone to a modem and put all of you incoming calls in MLCallerID's database. Associate a picture with the phone number and display your callers in MainLobby 3. Recommend Models: US Robotics USR5633ACCS USB, Best Data 56k v.92/v.44 (#56HP) PCI Windows Internal Modem



  Execute conditional statements from MLServer. (ie Checks if a file is running, if a file exists or if a variable is equal to another variable then do something)



  Cycle through various labels and commands from one button. [ie Thermostats (Off, Heat, Cool, Auto)]. Now supports Import and Export operations.



  Create date and time MLServer variables.



  Open an application and/or pass parameters including window state (Hidden, Maximized, etc.)



Send IR and Serial Commands over your network using the Global Cache hardware and this plug-in





This device driver allows 2-way communication via text (ASCII) with most serial-based equipment. It also supports the ability to react to received events with MLServer commands



  Application for MLServer allowing you to send Girder events directly to girder from connected clients. Much faster than using the Girder Event in the button properties panel.



  This application downloads daily horoscopes and populates MLServer variables for use in MainLobby scenes.



  Application to allow MainLobby clients to play back audio files on the server. You can play files by calling their full path or creating an alias (ie, Test = C:\Program Files\MLServer\sounds\test.mp3). You may have as many user-defined aliases as you would like. Double-clicking an alias in the 'Settings' dialog will play that alias.



  This application pauses execution of commands in a macro. This is typically used in a macro function.



  This is a one-way plug-in to send ASCII/HEX characters out a designated serial port on the server for controlling external hardware devices



Assign value to a dynamic variable that can later be used in a conditional statement using MLServeCmd.MLConditional|IsEqual (embedded into MLServer 3 - not needed any longer as standalone plugin)

MLServeCmd.SetVariable|<<NAME>>~<<VALUE>> You may also substitute any dynamic variable into MLServeCmd's by using a placeholder in the command, ie: MLServeCmd.MLFileOpen|{{source}} will substitute the current value of "source" into the command in place of {{source}}

MLRedirect   Redirect commands to a copy of MLServer running on a different computer. (with MLS3, Redirect embedded into server. No longer needed as a standalone plugin)



  This application allows users to schedule MLServeCmd's to be executed on a timed schedule



  Aallows you to track stocks in MainLobby by populating variables in MainLobby Server that get sent to all clients



  Application that will execute a series of commands when ML Server starts.



  Plugin to allow for timed events.



  This application handles volume adjustments and writes out variables for the volume levels and mute status of your sound card.




Application to manipulate windows on the server. This application allows you to Minimize, Maximize, Restore to Default, Close, Quit, Send keystrokes to and bring any window to the foreground. SENDKEYS sets focus on the window and emulates keystrokes. SENDCHARACTERS sends a keystroke message to the window's messaging queue without changing focus. It is recommended to use SENDCHARACTERS whenever possible; however, it will not work with all applications.



  This application allows users to write/append a designated text file

Cinemar Plugins that are free downloads
Name   Description



  Advanced Control of the Sony DVP-CX777ES 400 Disc CD/DVD MegaChanger



  B&K CT300 receiver plugin



  B&K CT610 receiver plugin



  Driver to allow MainLobby clients to communicate with a Firecracker/CM17a X-10 trasmitter on the server computer. Send X10 only (not 2 way).



Use this device driver to control the Halo C2 processor.



  Download and display song lyrics. Used with MusicLobby 3



  It allows math operations to be performed on an unlimited number of variables.



Driver to allow MainLobby clients to communicate with the MX2 LCD from Matrix Orbital. (Set Baud Rate to 19200 - leave all other default settings)



  Plugin for Marquee 9500LC Projector

MLRT1080 Tuner


Device driver for Rotel RT1080 Tuner



Device driver for Rotel RSP1068



Device driver for Rotel RSP1066



Control devices connected to the Nirvis Slinke from any computer including Pocket PCs connected to your network. Integrate with DVDLobby for full DVD MegaChanger control.



  Control Showshifter directly from MainLobby



Device driver to control an Advanced Control Technologies TI103 controller. Use this driver to control X10 devices via the TI103 serial interface.


This driver will allow you to send commands to another device via a TCP/IP connection.


  Device driver to control the Focus Enhancements QuadScan Elite scaler.



Device driver for the Electrohome marquee 9500LC projector. This driver supports the following commands: PowerOn, PowerOff, StandbyOn, StandbyOff, Source, Recall, Mute, Volume, Contrast, Key0, Key1, Key2, Key3, Key4, Key5, Key6, Key7, Key8, Key9, Up, Down, Left, Right, Exit, Enter, Proj, Star, Pound, Color, Tint, Detail, Bright, Pic, Geom, Conv, Help, Util


  Device driver for the Sanyo PLV-60 projector. The serial protocol document leaves a lot to the imagination so the first release of this plug-in is an experiment in communication. Currently only three commands are supported: PowerOn, PowerOff, Status



  Device driver to control the Mitsubishi X300 projector via its serial port. You can send multiple commands to the projector with a single MLServer command. Just separate the commands with a : (colon).



  Supports the parallel port VFD that ships with the Ahanix D.Vine cases. This is a two line, sixteen character VFD.



  Driver to control the Russound PR-4Zi preamp.



Driver that supports the B&K CT300/600/610 series of multi-zone receivers. This driver offers full two-way control of these receivers via a serial connection. The driver supports both PC serial connections and Global Cache serial connections. A total of eight B&K multi-zone receivers can be controlled by this device driver.



Send IR, Learn IR and build Macros. (Requires USBUIRT Hardware)



  Plugin to support WACI automation controller`



  Two-way device driver for the Polk XRt12 XM Radio



  Control ZoomPlayer directly from MainLobby.
Optional upgrade plugins available for purchase from Cinemar
Name   Description



  Control up to 6 Russound CAV 6.6 controllers for a total of 36 zones, send messages to any keypad, report zone status and much more. (2 Way)



  One way interface for Outlook calendar to send calendar data for display in a special MainLobby flash calendar. Allows for automation based on Outlook reminders. (in Beta - available soon)

MLChart   Plugin to display database driven charts and graphs



  Plugin to support Denon RS232 receivers. Includes: 4802 / 5800 / 5300 / 4806 / 4306 / 3805
MLDMR   Digital Media Recognition plugin. More details soon!



  Application and database for DVDLobby movie catalog application.




Device Driver to support the Elan System S12 whole house audio system



  Create interactive Scenes to control and display information from your ElkM1 Gold and EZ8 control panels.



  Cinemar supported 2 way Generic Serial device driver (more to come). ASCII support beta



  Cinemar supported 2 way Generic Serial device driver (more to come). Hex support beta



  Device driver for HAI Omni Pro and Omni LT security system.
Harman Kardon   Device driver for Harman Kardon AVR 325/AVR 525/AVR 7200 RS232 Receivers
Insteon Driver   Device driver for Insteon lighting control system. Used within MLLighting Device Driver
MLInfusion   Device driver for Vantage Infusion series lighting controller.
MLIPCamera   Coming Soon: Control pan/tilt operation of IP cameras and view streaming images from MainLobby. Currently supported Models: Toshiba IK-WB01A/IK-WB11A




Device driver for iPort iPod docking station. Full integration with MusicLobby 3. New Media user interface



  Bidirectional control plugin for the Krell Showcase or HTS Pre-Amp.



  Plugin to support Litetouch System 5000 lighting control panel



  Plugin to control Marantz ST7001 AM / FM / XM Tuner


  Application to allow MainLobby clients to remotely control basic functions of J River MediaCenter 11.1. This application connects to and requires the MusicLobbyServer application for MediaCenter 11.1 (part of MusicLobby 3)



  Device driver for Netstreams Musica multizone audio controller



  Application to allow Mainlobby clients to control J. River MediaCenter11.1 for multizone music playback
MLNeothings   Device driver for Neothings matrix switcher line.



  Device driver for NetCallerID hardware. Sends CID data to MLCallerID3. Supports CallerID even when the phone is in use.



  Plugin to control Nuvo Simplese whole house audio system



  Plugin to control Nuvo Essentia whole house audio system



  Plugin to control Nuvo Concerto whole house audio system



  Device Driver for bi-directional control over Lutron's RadioRA lighting control system

MLRain8Net   Control and view the status of your irrigation system using WGL Designs Rain8Net product.



  Plugin to control Russound ST2 AM / FM / XM tuner



  Text to Speech application

MLTheaterTek 3


  Assign and control TheaterTek 2 way directly from MainLobby.
MLUSBIR6   Multizone IR device driver for Cinemar's USBIR6 device

UPB Driver   Device driver for UPB lighing control system. Used within MLLighting Device Driver (in development)



  Robust 2 way control over Vantage Q series lighting controllers



  Plugin to control Video Storm matrix switcher. Used with Matrix Family Device Manager.
MLVMS   Device driver for Sonance VMS matrix switcher (in development)


  Device driver for WGL Associates W800RF receiver. Allows for capture of X10 RF device signals like from a X10 Palm pad or motion sensors.



  Appliction and database to support WeatherLobby application.





Application for monitoring PCs on the LAN for CPU utilization, hard drive storage, antivirus state, etc. Also allows for launching of local client PC applications with a MLServer command. Allows for remote startup of PCs via Wake On Lan command. Many more features. (in Beta - available soon)



  Enhanced two-way device driver for XMLobby and XMLobbyPPC (Supports Polk XRt12, XMPCR and XMDirect Hardware and DirecTV XM)




Here is a driver that supports the Yamaha line of serial controllable receivers. This driver offers full two-way control of these receivers via a serial connection. The driver supports both PC serial connections and Global Cache serial connections. A total of four Yamaha receivers can be controlled by this plug-in. Also supported in this driver is an integration between Yamaha receivers that have XM satellite radio tuners and Cinemar's XMLobby application.

Supported receivers include: RX-Z9, RX-Z1, RX-V1600, RX-V2600, RX-V4600, RX-V1500, RX-V2500, RX-V3200, RX-V2300, RX-V3300, RX-V2400, HTR-5890, HTR-5990
Z-Wave Driver   Device driver for ZWave lighing control system. Used within MLLighting Device Driver (in development)
3rd party developed plugins (not supported by Cinemar)
Name   Description





Control of the Turtle Beach AudioTron networked audio player.

Written by midi-guy




This driver allows 2-way communication via ASCII or HEX with multiple serial-based equipment. It also supports the ability to react to received events with MLServer commands.

Written by Lee. No current support beyond forum.



  Interface for integration with HAL automation system
MLHSPlugin   Application to allow MainLobby clients to communicate 2-way with Homeseer. Available through HomeSeer updater. Provided and supported by Krumpy




Here is an application that will allow you to look up any specified field in the DVDLobby database, and put it into a variable. It makes an easy way of looking up the dvd cover image and category to be used on other pages. For the application to work you will NEED to create an ODBC data source name (DSN) on the machine you are running the plugin on.

Provided and supported by davevans

Media Center Cover Copy



This is actually a Media Center plugin, but works with MLServer. Basically it will copy the cover art for the currently playing song to a temp file in the directory you specify. It will then also set a ML Server variable to the path of the copied file. This means you can now add the cover art of currently playing track to any scene!
Provided and supported by davevans



  Plugin to control up to four Pioneer Elite VSX RS232 receivers. Contributed by geislerk