Control up to 16 (assignable Com Ports) SONY DVP-CX777ES 400 Disc CD/DVD MegaChanger via serial connection.

Your SONY CX777ES should be connected to your Computer via serial port using a "Null" Modem Cable and MLServer should be running on that same computer. MainLobby clients may be running on other computers.

Finding movies in your SONY Changer doesn't have to be so difficult and time consuming anymore. Plus you'll get all the whiz bang graphics found in systems costing thousands of dollars.




Null Modem Cable for SONY CX777ES Changer
Price: US $19.99

  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3(Not Required if using only a PocketPC)
DVDLobby Pro 3 and/or DVDLobby PocketPC
MLServer 3
  Installing the MLServer3 SONY CX777ES Plug-In
Download and install MLServer if you haven't already
Download and install the SONY CX777ES plugin to the same computer as MLServer is installed
Start MLServer
From MLserver, press Start to initiate MLServer into listening mode
From the Plug-Ins window, select the MLCX777ES plug-in, then select SETTINGS
Select the Com Port your changer is connected to from the drop down. Select OK. (Optional Global Cache Tab Available)
Press Help to view the available commands and proper syntax
  Configuring the Default PLAY MOVIE Command from within
the MLDVDLobby Plug-In
See the help_dvdlobby.chm (included with DVDLobby) manual for installing DVDLobby and adding movies to the MLDVDLobby Plug-In
Right click on MLDVDLobby from MLServer's plug-in window and press Settings
From the Commands tab, under the EDIT LOCATION section select DEFAULT from the Location drop-down
Select PLAY MOVIE from the TYPE drop-down
Paste the following in the MLServeCmd field:
  This Command uses the Changer Location substitution variable to select the movie. To ensure the command works, for each movie, configure the changer location for that movie. This is found in the Edit Movie Information panel when you select a movie then press Edit. The Changer Location for each movie should be a numbered from 1 to 400 and coincide with it's slot in the changer itself.
To test the command and verify it's working, from the MLDVDLobby Plug-in you'll see a TEST button. Select a Movie that you've configured properly and press the Test Button. Your changer should already be powered on for the command to work properly
If you are having problems or the changer is not responding, check the syntax and the MLServeCmd Event Log to see what information is being passed to MLServer. Double check the Com Port connections and the port configuration within the plug-in to make sure they match. You must use a "Null" modem cable.
  Controlling Multiple SONY CX777ES Changers
  Enter the MLServeCmd below (without any spaces or line breaks) in your Default PLAY MOVIE line if you plan on controlling multiple SONY CX777ES Changers from DVDLobby. Note that you must specify the com port in the CX777ES for each changer by selecting the MLCX777ES plugin from MLServer then press Settings. In addition, each movie should have the slot/changer location specified along with the Changer Number. (These settings are configured by selecting a Movie in the MLDVDLobby Plugin and pressing EDIT.)


  Configure your DVDLobby Remote to Control your SONY Changer
From MLServer, select MLDVDLobby from the Plug-In window
Press Settings to access the DVDLobby Pro Plug-In window
Select the left most available Tab on the DVD Remote window
On the right, below the tabs, you'll see an empty field where you may enter a name that will be displayed in the actual DVDLobby user interface. You could enter Sony Changer.
For each transport control command, you'll need to specify the action you would like to occur when the user presses the buttons located in DVDLobby's popup remote control panel. The comands below will just trigger commands available from the SONY CX777ES plugin, users may also modify the commands and build more complex macros to brighten lights when the pause button is pressed or even play audio intro's before the movie.
Play :
Pause :
Stop :
Previous :
Next :
Left :
Right :
Up :
Down :
Enter :
Fast Forward :
Rewind :
Power :
Menu :
Display :
Audio :
  For controlling multiple changers from DVDLobby's Remote Control, you'll need to change the "1" in the above command to "2" to represent the second changer, "3" for the third changer and so forth.
  Sample Macro Commands using other MLServer Plug-Ins
(pasted commands should not include carriage returns as shown below)


  The Above MLServeCmd is a macro that in addition to launching the movie in your SONY Changer, it will also play a Music File based on an Alias specifed in the MLMusicPlayer plugin. So you can have a Theater Intro Audio Clip play while your changer is cueing up. For HiQuality Audio intro's, review our TechTalker product.
  Preventing SONY's AutoPlay Feature when powering on the Changer
  Assign this MLServeCmd to the Power function in MLServer's MLDVDLobby Plugin. This will Power on the Changer then pause for 30 sends and send the Stop command.
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