New: DVDLobby for the Pocket PC!

DVDLobby PPC provides you with wireless mobility and portability to manage and control your movie collection from a Pocket PC.

View movie covers, movie information, launch movies, control playback using the built-in remote control, view by genre, search and much more. Using DVDLobby Pocket PC along with MainLobby Server, you can launch and control changer-based or hard drive-based movies quickly and easily. With support for up to 5 movie hosts, you have the freedom to setup your whole house movie system your way. Place a Pocket PC around the house and have control from every room.

Screenshots from DVDLobby Pocket PC
Setup is a snap with our prebuilt Installation Wizard and intuitive interface. Simply add your movie collection to the DVDLobby Pro 3 plug-in for MainLobby Server and connect your Pocket PC. You can add movies to your collection using one of the built-in import wizards or quickly and easily with our "Add from internet" feature.

  DVDLobby Pocket PC Requirements
PocketPC 2002 or 2003 with a wireless LAN connection
MLServer 3
DVDLobby Pro 3
Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC
  DVDLobby Pocket PC Features
Displays Full Screen Color at 240x320 pixels
View Movie Covers
View Movie overviews, ratings, and lengths
View Movies by genre
Support for up to 5 hosts
Search with built-in on-screen keyboard
Built-in remote control to control up to 5 hardware devices or software programs per host
Easy access transport controls
  DVDLobby PPC
Price: US $34.99

All prices subject to change without notice.