MLMatrixSwitcher Family Plugin

Whether you need to manage control of four displays or sixty-four -- Cinemar has solutions to fit your needs.

Our Matrix Switcher Family Plugin supports control of brands like Audio Authority, Neothings and VideoStorm quality switchers.

When you purchase a matrix switcher driver, you'll have access to all switchers we list below by that manufacturer. And you can add control multiple switchers. Feel free to mix and match different brands of manufacturers as well.

A new addition to our matrix family is the Audio Authority 1156/1166 HD AutoSelector. This switcher provides component video connection of sources, and distributes HD signals up to 1,000 feet away to convenient Wallplates mounted wherever televisions are to be located. View any source, from any TV, at any time.


Neothings Matrix Switcher Drivers (USB/RS232)
Price: US $79.99

VideoStorm Matrix Switcher Drivers (RS232)
Price: US $79.99

Audio Authority 1156/1166 Matrix Switcher Drivers
Price: US $99.99

  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
Supported Matrix Switcher Driver
MLMatrixSwitcher Family Plugin (Free)
  Supported Hardware
Audio Authority 1156/1166 (AVATRIX)
Neothings Matrix Switcher (USB/RS232)
  • Avalon
  • Borrego
  • Concord
  • Delano
  • Fallbrook
  • Gillepsie
  • Hawthorne
  • Imperial
  • Tahoe (Supports Memory Functions)
VideoStorm Matrix Switcher (RS232)
  • CRM62
  • CRM84
  • CRM88
  • CMX84
  • CMX86
  • CMX88
  • CMX1616V
  • CMX1616A
  • HMX42
  • HMX44
  • TMX89
Switch Audio/Video/Both from any Input to any Output
Turn On/Off/Toggle Power, Lights, IR Receiver or Front Panel Buttons
Creates Variables for true two-way interface design within MainLobby
Define Aliases for each Input/Output
Event Log for Troubleshooting
Send commands directly from plug-in for immediate testing/debugging
  Exposed MLServer Variables
  NOTE: For 8x4 devices there will be additional server variables to accomodate the larger number of inputs and outputs. Some features/variables vary by manufacturer given their capabilities.