NEW! TheaterTek Software DVD Player and Plugin Combo with Vista OS support!

TheaterTek DVD is a Windows™ software DVD player designed for the Home Theater enthusiast. As Home Theatre PC's, or HTPC's as they are now called have become more popular, the need for a DVD player designed for home movie watching led to the creation of TheaterTek DVD.

Watching a movie with TheaterTek brings out the best in your theater equipment. And when a movie is chosen and launched with DVDLobby Pro 3 the combo puts the home theater experience over the top!

New with TheaterTek's v2.6 and the latest Cinemar MLTheaterTek plugin, any MainLobby client PC can now control TheaterTek running remotely. Wireless PC tablets like the Samsung Q1 or the TabletKiosk UMPC can be used as a touchscreen remote control to control TheaterTek. Run TheaterTek on your Cinemar Server that is connected to your projector, LCD or Plasma screen for a show that will surely impress your family and guests!

Cinemar worked closely with TheaterTek to develop "MiniWindows". This is the ability to launch multiple defined TheaterTek video players that can be used as a movie previewer, or a neat Playing Now scene.

TheaterTek w/ Advanced Audio pack
Explore the exciting world of digital audio with the TheaterTek Advanced Audio Version. High-quality DVD and audio decoders support decoding of today's most popular digital sound formats.

Screenshot of a TheaterTek Control Scene
  MLTheaterTek Plugin Features
Use MainLobby scenes to remotely control TheaterTek running on the same or a different networked PC (TT 2.5 or newer required)
Launch TheaterTek on any networked PC from any MainLobby Client PC.
Automate TheaterTek control by using MLServer 3's automation capabiilty including End of Movie
View movie progress bar in MainLobby Client
Send keyboard shortcuts from MainLobby to Theatertek
Get and choose movie angles
Get and choose audio streams
Track and display movie elapsed time
  TheaterTek DVD Player Features
Complete Aspect Ratio control
High quality graphical on screen display
Bookmarks with Movie Start feature
Built-in Screen Saver
On screen video control
Built in decoders from NVIDIA
Supplied files for popular remote controls
A-B Repeat, Chapter, Title repeat
User-definable navigation controls
Parental Controls
Vista OS Support
International DVD Language support
  TheaterTek Audio Pack upgrade
Supports Dolby ProLogic, Dolby ProLogic II, Dolby Headphone, internal decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS to 5.1 channels. Built in Bass Management, including cross-over frequency selection, and speaker size.
  Note: TheaterTek sales are final
  TheaterTek / MLTheatertek Plugin Bundle
(TT v2.6
Price: US $69.99

TheaterTek / MLTheatertek Plugin Bundle
(TTv2.6 w/ Audio Pack)
Price: US $89.99

MLTheaterTek Plugin (for existing TT licensed users - licensed per MLServer PC)
Price: US $29.99

Requires MainLobby 3 Combo and for movie catalog and launch: DVDLobby Pro 3


DVDLobby also supports Blu-Ray HD playback.