With the addition of MainLobby and our Russound Plugin, you can control and view the status of your Russound CAV/CAM/CAA from any networked computer, tablet or phone.

Add MusicLobby, XMLobby and DVDLobby to display what is playing in each zone. Also, push text to your UNO Keypads such as displaying callerID, inside/outside temperature, security alerts on each keypad or what song/movie is playing.

Russound CAV6.6
  Bi-directional control and feedback of the Russound CAV/CAM/CAA and C-Series controllers. Multiple Controllers supported when connected through RNet.
Polls all Status Variables of Russound Controller on Startup
Adjust Background Color of Keypads (Based on events)
Adjust Balance
Adjust Bass Levels
Adjust Party Mode
Adjust Treble LEvel
Adjust Turn On Volume
Get Background Color of Keypads
Get Balance
Get Bass level
Get Do Not Disturb Status
Get Loudness
Get Party Mode
Get Treble Level
Get Turn On Volume
Get Zone Power
Get Zone Source
Get Zone Status
Get Zone Volume
Send Message to All Keypads
Send Message to Keypads with a Selected Source
Send IR Commands
Send Keypad Commands
All Power
Set Zone Power
Set Zone Source
Set Volume
Set Zone
Set Bass Level
Set Background Color of Keypads
Set Balance
Set Do Not Disturb
Set Loudness
Set Party Mode
Set Treble Level
Set Turn On Volume
Toggle Do Not Disturb
Toggle Loudness
Russound CAV/CAM/CAA
Serial Port
MainLobby 3 or higher
MLServer 3 or higher
Russound Plugin
  Sample Screenshots


Russound CAV/CAM/CAA Plugin
(Full Version - Requires MainLobby 3 & MLServer 3 or higher)

Price: US $99.99

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