WeatherLobby 3.90 is FREE to all existing Cinemar customers.

Weather information is an important part of everyone's daily life. Whether planning a trip to the grocery store or halfway around the world, you want to know what you've got to deal with and what you've got to look forward to. With WeatherLobby, that knowledge becomes power. Power to know how to dress your kids, when to hit the road and when to settle in for a movie and some popcorn.

With WeatherLobby, you can finally answer the age-old question "How's the weather down there?" One-click access to weather information and forecasts for up to 10 locations anywhere in the world, so graphically stunning and easy to read - you'll know instantly if Aunt Edna's up to her eyebrows in snow or crisping in the hot sun.

From the wind speed in Minsk to the temperature in Tuskegee to the dew point in Denver to the visibility in Venice - WeatherLobby has you covered, up to the minute. No more waiting through the lottery results
and sports scores for the news to tell you if you should be packing a picnic lunch or investing in sandbags to protect your home.

If you can't control the weather, you might as well have control over how you see it.

  What's New in WeatherLobby 3.90
Arrow Complete 10 Day Weather Report
Arrow 48 Hour by Hour Forecast
Arrow Weather Alerts
Arrow Ski Conditions
Arrow Pollen Forecast
Arrow Tide Reports
Arrow New variables to report the above data. Visit our Online Wiki for a complete list of Variables.
  WeatherLobby 3.90 Features
Exposes variables and images in MLServer for building your own custom scenes
At a glance access to weather conditions
10 Day forecast
AM/PM conditions for each of the 10 days
Thermometer Temperature Gauge
Large Print for touch screens and extended distance viewing
View the days UV Index, Dew Point, Humidity, Visibility, Pressure, Sunrise, Sunset, Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature
Configure up to 6 cities in any Country
Arrow MLServeCmd's to change Zip Codes and switch between predefined Map links
Arrow Use weather related data and graphics on any MainLobby Scene
Access the UI from multiple clients/computers
Skinnable background
Arrow Define your own Map Links
Arrow Includes new GuiGraphix Library 0013 which contains Weather Vanes, Temperature Gauges, Compass, Wind Speed Gauges and much more.
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WeatherLobby 3.90
REQUIRES MainLobby 3, MLServer 3 & an Internet Connection

Price: US $FREE

To Download WeatherLobby 3.90, Select HELP > CINEMAR INSTALLATION ASSISTANT from MLServer and search for MLWeatherLobby.