Announcing the ELK Security Panel Plugin for MainLobby

If you are fortunate to own the ELK-M1 Gold or M1EZ8 security panels, then you know how secure, configurable and powerful they are. What you were missing was the ability to interact with your home's security system via a highly graphical user interface like MainLobby. The new MainLobby ELK security panel plugin is the most full featured software interface available for the M1 security system family.

  Plugin Requirements
MainLobby 2 or 3/ MLServer 1 or 3
ElkM1 / M1EZ8
Computer running WindowsXP or higher
  ELKM1 Plugin Features
Capture and display all status information of the ELK
Connect to the ELK via PC serial port, ELK Ethernet adapter or via the Global Cache serial port
Adjust polling of devices at regular intervals
Send MLServeCmd's based on ELKM1 Rules
ie: Switch MainLobby Scenes to a driveway camera when the Elk detects a vehicle in your drive.
Visual representation of the security system state for the hearing impaired
Show ELK driven reminder messages: "Thursday is Garbage Day!", "Wake Up Junior!"
Two Way Thermostat Support: Monitor and control up to 16 ELK supported thermostats like the RCS TR40
Monitor temperature using the ELK external temperature support features
Arm / Disarm the panel from your MainLobby screen (like via an in-wall Touch Panel)
Two Way control of ELK supported lighting controls using RS-232 serial or 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) ports - On, Off, Dim All On, All Off commands
Keypad State Variables: Allows you to build a graphical representation of an ELK keypad complete with duplicating which buttons are illuminated
Speech Support: Send words and phrases from MainLobby to be spoken by the ELK panel speaker (M1Gold Only)
Control ELK Outputs: Control relays connected to the ELK (for irrigation, pool control, or any number of devices)
Set Control Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
Events Tab: logs communication to and from the ELK security panel for diagnostic purposes
  MLELKM1 Plugin
(Full Version - Requires MainLobby 3)

Price: US $99.99

Download this MainLobby Scene File to get you up and running today.

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