Cinemar makes it easier than ever before to create a great looking security control page in seconds. The keypads were designed to look just like the authentic versions:
> Napco #GEM-RP1CAe2
> HAI Omni
> Elk M1

And if these touchscreen friendly keypads do not look like your security keypad, you can still program it to control your system.

Add the keypad(s) to another scene or use the predesigned scenes that come with your purchase.

Modify labels with your own text, font and font colors. Assign actions to buttons to send commands to your security system. If you don't care for the LCD display color, just apply a tint to make it another color such as blue.

All the graphics are positionable and were designed in such a way that you can add or remove buttons.

This library includes all the graphics you need to create a realistic security screen in your next project as shown below.

As a bonus, we've also included a display panel that can serve a variety of purposes. Use it to display zone status, breaches, motion, sprinkler, closures, relays, garage door open/closed, camera activity, etc.

GuiGraphix load directly into MainLobby. Contact us if you have a specific security keypad you'd like to see added to this library. Additional hardware/programming is required in order to receive/send information to your security system.


Security Library #0012
REQUIRES MainLobby 2.75b

Price: US $44.99

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