MLLighting Supported Device Drivers

Now you can control lighting directly from within MainLobby's user interface. Visually see Ceiling Fan graphics rotate on your floorplan when the fan is on. Turn a light on at the switch and see it change colors visually. Use MLServer's Automation Rules to turn lights on/off at specified times.

Let us know what other Lighting manufacturers you would like to see supported.

Centralite LiteJet
Price: US $199.99

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Insteon PLM Drivers
Price: US $59.99

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UPB Drivers

Price: US $69.99

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  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
MLLighting Family Plugin
MLLighting Supported Device Driver
  Hardware Requirements
Arrow CentraLite LiteJet
  Dip Switches 8 and 6 must be set to ON
  LiteJet updates only one load per second, if an All On is sent with 10 loads, it will take 10 seconds to update MainLobby
Insteon PLM
  Power Line Modem - Serial
  (2) SignaLinc RF
  Insteon supported Dimmer/Relay Switches or Lamp/Appliance Modules
  UPB Controller (Serial or USB)
  UPB supported Dimmer/Relay Switches or Lamp / Appliance Modules
  Insteon Features
Speed up the Linking Process
Two-way status
On / Off / Toggle / Bright / Dim
Ceiling Fan graphics show rotating when On and stationary when Off
Show Lights On/Off within MainLobby
  Variables Populated in MLServer
mllighting_x_alias (where x is the light number)
  UPB Features
Support for importing Groups from UPStart
Support for creating Groups within Plugin
Programming Light Preset Ramp Rate
Import room name from UPStart
Two Way Status