Announcing the HAI Security Panel Plugin for MainLobby

Since 1985 Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has been the leading manufacturer of home control products providing comfort, convenience and safety for homeowners and businesses around the world.

In response to many dealers and customers that own or install the popular HAI security system, Cinemar now introduces the MLHAI plugin.

  Plugin Requirements
MainLobby 3/ MLServer 3
HAI Omni LT, Omni, Omni II, OmniPro, OmniPro II or OnQ HMS1050 security panels
Computer running WindowsXP or higher
  MLHAI Plugin Features
Connects via HAI model 21A05-2 RS232 serial cable (ethernet connectivity under development) and a null serial cable
Setup button polls panel and auto creates MLServer devices based on HAI panel programming - easy to setup!
Adjust polling of devices at regular intervals

Send MLServeCmd's based on HAI Rule ie: Switch MainLobby Scenes to a driveway camera when the HAI detects a vehicle in your drive.

Visual representation of the security system state for the hearing impaired
Show HAI driven reminder messages: "Thursday is Garbage Day!", "Wake Up Junior!"
Two Way Thermostat Support: Monitor and control up to 16 HAI supported thermostats
Monitor temperature using the HAI external temperature support features
Arm / Disarm the panel from your MainLobby screen (like via an in-wall Touch Panel)
Two Way control of HAI supported lighting controls using RS-232 serial or 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) ports - On, Off, Dim All On, All Off commands
Keypad State Variables: Allows you to build a graphical representation of an HAI keypad complete with duplicating which buttons are illuminated
Support for the new Hi-Fi HAI audio system (zones, on / off etc. - subject to HAI release of protocol updates)
Control HAI Outputs: Control relays connected to the HAI (for irrigation, pool control, or any number of devices)
Set Control Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
Events Tab: logs communication to and from the HAI security panel for diagnostic purposes
  Note: as the HAI panel supports polling, there will be some delay between a change on the HAI and when MainLobby updates.
  MLHAI Plugin
(Full Version - Requires MainLobby 3 and MLServer 3)

Price: US $99.99

Compliment your HAI install with additional optional GuiGraphix Libraries