MLIPCamera Supported Device Drivers

NEW: Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window - Embed a Live Video Stream directly wtihin MainLobby!

Now you can view, control and operate a variety of Wired and Wireless IP based cameras as well as analog cameras using GeoVision or Axis Video Server Drivers directly from MainLobby's user interface.

Let us know what other IP Cameras you would like to see supported. Each Device Driver also includes the Generic IP Camera Driver.

GeoVision Drivers and ActiveX Streaming Video
Price: US $89.99

MLIPCamera Panasonic Drivers

Price: US $39.99

MLIPCamera Toshiba Drivers

Price: US $39.99

MLIPCamera Axis Video Server Drivers
Price: US $39.99

Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window
Price: US $39.99

  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
MLIPCamera Family Plugin (Free) - Not Required for ActiveX Streaming Video
MLIPCamera Supported Device Driver
  Hardware Requirements
Toshiba Supported Models:
  IK-WB01A, IK-WB11A, IK-WB15A
Panasonic Supported Models:
  BL-C10, BL-C3 (Version 1.20 or Later)
  BB-HCM311, BB-HCM331, BB-HCM371, BB-HCM381 (Version 1.03 or later)
  KX-HCM8, KX-HCM10, KX-HCM230, KX-HCM250, KX-HCM270, KX-HCM280 (Version 1.80 or Later)
Axis Video Products
  Axis 230, Axis 250S, Axis 206, Axis 206M, Axis 207, Axis 207W, Axis 210, Axis 210A, Axis 211, Axis 211A, Axis 213, Axis 221, Axis 231D, Axis 232D, Axis 240Q, Axis 241S, Axis 241SA, Axis 241Q, Axis 241QA, Axis 262, Axis 292
GeoVision Supported Models:
  GV-1120, GV-1240, GV-1480
Automated Sequencer for switching Camera Images
Camera Log (Archive Snapshots with time stamp to your hard drive based on security or doorbell for review within MainLobby)
Clear All Snapshots
Tilt Up
Tilt Down
Pan Left
Pan Right
Call Preset Locations
Save Preset Locations
  GeoVision Specific Features
  Our GeoVision driver displays a streaming live video feed using an ActiveX window within MainLobby. You also have the option to display a reloading JPG image. Snapshots are also available - perfect for archiving driveway/doorway entry/exit and reviewing within our builtin Camera Log.
Displays live streaming video
arrow FullScreen
arrow Supports multiple streaming resolutions (ie 320x240, 640x480)
arrow Display multiple camera streams at various sizes and coordinates
arrow Change cameras
arrow Pause
arrow Stop
arrow Resume
arrow Play
  This driver does not currently support pan/tilt/zoom control
  What are the differences between the Axis Driver and Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window?

The Axis Driver installs with MLServer and enables control of Axis products such as PTZ. It also automatically creates a variable pointing to the JPG image created by the Axis video product.

The Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window installs with MainLobby and allows an MJPEG streaming video feed. It provides faster frame rates than continually reloading a JPG image. Users can also enable Pan and Tilt functionality by clicking on the video stream window. For Zoom In/Out as well as Snapshot functionality, the above Axis Driver is required.

The two products can be used in combination or separately depending upon user requirements. Cinemar recommends both products for most installations.

  Variables Populated in MLServer
mlipcamera_alias_id (where id is the camera number)
  Screenshots (Some Scenes Designed using GuiGraphix Library 0014)