Sure XM Satellite Radio sounds great - but how does it look? Cinemar continues its tradition of delivering great-looking user interface solutions with the introduction of XMLobby. You'll enjoy cover art for the currently playing song (when available) as well as entire Album information where the song originated. We've gone one step further and allow users to actually purchase the album - so you can add to your MusicLobby library for future listening at your own convenience. Never forget that favorite song again!

Control your XM Satellite Radio from anywhere you have a networked PC - which means you'll have access from the Kitchen or the Rec Room. XMLobby also keeps tracks of the channels you listen to most often. Or create categories for each member of the family. Looking for songs by a particular artist? XMLobby will alert you the next time their song is playing and allow you to jump directly to that channel.

As with all of the Cinemar products, you can customize XMLobby using MainLobby's vast graphics library. Start seeing XM Satellite Radio in a whole new way.

  XMLobby Features
Control your XMPCR from any computer on your network
See what's playing on every channel at all times (Polk XRt12 requires internet connection for this feature)
View currently playing song's album cover art (when available) or XM Channel Logo's
Display entire Album info of the currently playing song (when available)
Never miss a beat - purchase the currently playing Album (requires internet connection)
Artist Alerts - XMLobby lets you know when your favorite artist is playing
Most Popular channel list keeps track of the stations you listen to most
Define up to 4 custom channel lists for different moods or family members
  Define up to 16 favorite artists to be alerted when they are playing on any channel
View satellite signal strength
Add your own buttons, backgrounds, graphics using MainLobby's powerful design environment
Displays channel label in addition to channel number
Use server variables and commands to build your own "mini-XM" controller anywhere in MainLobby
Use any MainLobby button to change channels (build a favorites page)
Customize your own image when cover art is not available (add your own logo)
Touchscreen friendly

REQUIRES MainLobby 3, MLServer 3 & XM Hardware

Hardware Options:
> XM Direct
> Polk XRt12

Price: US $59.99

XMLobby Pocket PC
(Requires MLServer 3)
Requires XM Hardware
Price: US $44.99