NetStreams’ Musica Multi-Room Audio system is designed to deliver superior audio performance. The Musica is capable of playing up to four different sources independently; distributing the sources to as many as 6 rooms per Audio Distribution Center (ADC). With additional ADC’s, the system can expand up to 18 rooms of audio.

Now, with Cinemar's new MLMusica plugin, you can control your Musica system from all MainLobby PCs in your house. This 2-way plug-in is capable of supporting a total of four Netstreams Musica systems attached to a PC serial port or a Global Cache GC100 style serial port.
Volume, Tone, Source, Power, and Tuner controls are all available for control and tracking within MainLobby. You can even push a button on a MainLobby scene to switch the Musica's Remote Switched Outlet to turn on another piece of equipment in your audio rack. Additionally, you can also remotely control the Musica's keypad backlight color and brightness. This feature can be used with MLServer 3's new automation capability to turn off the light at bedtime.

Different music, in different rooms, for different people, sounds difficult? Not if you consider Nestreams Multi-Source / Multi-Zone products. The most flexible custom installations control a centrally located A/V system from other rooms in the home or office. At the very least, this includes the ability to select and distribute music from an audio source to any room in the house simultaneously and independently.

With the addition of MainLobby, you can control your Netstreams Musica from any networked computer or even a Viewsonic Airpanel touchscreen.

Add MusicLobby, XMLobby and DVDLobby to display what is playing in each zone.

Netstreams' Musica Audio Distribution Center
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MLMusica Plugin
Requires MainLobby and MLServer 3
Price: US $199.99

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