MLKrell Device Drivers


If you own a Krell Showcase or HTS Pre-Amp, then you have discerning taste. Now, you can bi-directionally control both the Home Theater Standard (MLKrellHTS) and the Showcase (MLKrellSHCS) lines of Krell Pre-Amps through the MainLobby 3 user interface.

You can also use the MainLobby Server 3 automation features to incorporate your Krell into your automated home and theater.


MLKrellSHCS Drivers
Price: US $199.99

MLKrellHTS Drivers

Price: US $199.99

Requires MainLobby 3 and MainLobby Server 3

  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
MLKrellHTS or MLKrellSHCS plugin
  Krell Supported Models:
Krell Showcase Pre-Amp (use MLKrellSHCS driver)
Krell Home Theater Standard Pre-Amp (use MLKrellHTS driver)
  Features (for HTS - Showcase also supports most of the below)
Event Log of all communciations
Supports up to 4 of same receiver via seperate com ports
Supports connection via Com port or Global Cache network device
Ability to rename inputs
Setting to limit maximum volume for hardware protection
Triggers for Zone specific commands
Supports ove 30 tracking variables like Balance, Power , Volume, Mute, Subtrim, Current Zone, Input Trigger, Autostaus, etc.
Supports sending commands to the pre-amp: Zone1, Zone2, ZnPower, ZnVol, ZnMute, ZnInput, Power, Vol, Input, DCnTrigCntrl, AudioDecode, GUIKey, Status, RoomEQ, Compression, ZnBalance, Balance, Balance, CenterTrim, BackTrim, SurroundTrim, SubTrim
Send DC Trigger commands to control external hardware like projector screen