MLCallerID is one of the most popular MainLobby suite products. Your whole family will glance towards the MainLobby in wall touchscreen to see who is calling before picking up the phone. When they get home, they will get in the habit of scrolling through that day's calls. If you want to make your home automation sytem "family friendly", MLCallerID will help you get there.

For a picture to appear for each caller, you just need to name your favorite picture with the telephone number (ideally 480x640 jpg). Of course, you can also automate events to occur, specific to each caller. So, if someone from the office calls, have MainLobby Server 3 shut down the MusicLobby 3 audio system before you pick up the phone. The in development MLSpeak plugin will also tell you who is calling via your whole house audio system. Of course, you can also have the MLMusicPlayer plugin play a prerecorded audio file specific to each caller ("Your Mother's calling - again..."). The ideas are endless on what you can do.

Now, for a limited time, MLCallerID is included with MainLobby 3 combo free of charge!

MLCallerID requires a Caller ID telephone subscription and phone line caller ID hardware. The hardware can be either a caller ID compatible modem (Recommended model: US Robotics USR5633ACCS USB, Best Data 56k v.92/v.44 (#56HP) PCI Windows Internal Modem) or for a more robust and easier setup, a NetCallerID device (recommended).

Optional MLNetCallerID Plugin

The MLNetCallerID plugin makes the installation of MLCallerID a snap. The plugin supports the inexpensive but reliable NetCallerID hardware. Installation is as simple as plugging in the NetCallerID hardware into the phone line and then plugging in the NetCallerID's serial connection into an unused PC serial (RS232 / DB9) port. MLNetCallerID plugin supports up to 8 phone lines (one NetCallerID device and an available com port required per line. USB and PCI multiple com port adapters can be used).

The NetCallerID hardware also provides for caller information even when you are on the phone talking. So, you can now know whether to pickup the new call if it is an important caller. Additionally, the MLNetCallerID plugin will create a variable in MLServer 3 when you have a message from your phone company. MainLobby 3 client comes with a new scene that was modified to take advantage of the Message Waiting function.

MLCallerID and MLNetCallerID require a Call Waiting / Caller ID Service (Type 2 caller ID service) from your local phone company.

How it works: You subscribe to receive caller ID data from your telphone company. When a call is made, this data is intercepted by the NetCallerID hardware. The hardware then sends the data to the PC that is running the MLNetCallerID plugin. This data is then available to the MLCallerID plugin. MLCallerID then inserts the call into it's database of calls. From a MainLobby client, you can then view the calls and pictures associated to it. When MLCallerID gets the phone data, you can also configure it to launch a MLServeCmd to do advanced functions like play a specific audio file.


NetCallerID hardware installation diagram


MLCallerID on a home page




Free for a limited time with MainLobby 3 Combo

Price: US $54.99

MLNetCallerID Plugin
REQUIRES MainLobby 3, MLServer 3, MLCallerID & CallerID subscription

Price: US $29.99

MLNetCallerID and NetCallerID Hardware Bundle (SOLD OUT)
Price: US $54.99

NetCallerID Hardware (SOLD OUT)
Price: US $29.99