Purchase the CMX1616V and get the CMX1616V Matrix Switcher Driver absolutely FREE.

Perfect for a larger home or Sports Bar!

Ever wished you could view full quality HDTV throughout your house without a closet full of equipment in every room? The CMX1616V integrates everything you need to distribute 16 component video inputs/outputs and 14 digital audio inputs/outpus to multiple displays throughout your home. The CMX1616V is the most cost effective high performance matrix switch on the the market.  We support both HD component video and digital audio, plus we offer easy integration with external HDMI matrix switches.  If you need to add analog audio and composite video switching, pair this switch with CMX1616A.

Accepts any remote control or RS-232!


  CMX1616V Features
16 1080p component video input sets,

16 independently controllable 1080p component video output sets

arrow 14 digital audio input sets (8 coaxial, 6 TOSLINK)
arrow 14 independently controllable digital audio output set with transcoding (8 coaxial, 6 TOSLINK)
Remote IR control with Zerokey code learning ability
RS-232 input for serial control
  RS-232 output for expansion and HDMI matrix control
Professional quality video amps capable of driving cables up to 300'
Designed and tested to pass all video signals up to and including 1080p
Steel rack mountable case
Optional rack mounting ears

Flexible control options

  Flexible Control Options
  CMX1616V can be controlled by several methods, you can choose the one the best fits your home theater control scheme.
Manual control using the front panel buttons
IR control using a programmable remote.  You can download the Pronto codes needed here.  The raw Hex format is here.
IR control using your standard remote. Zerokey can learn any remote keys to control CMX1616V.
RS-232 control using Cinemar's custom designed plugin.

Video Distribution
CMX1616V is the ideal amplifier for driving long video cables in your home.  Many vendors claim their products can do this, but very few can accomplish this without distortion of the video.  The most important amplifier design factors in driving long cables are source impedance matching, output connector quality, amplifier bandwidth, and amplifier current drive and slew rate.  Our amplifier uses the best components for all these, resulting in the best signal distribution you can get.  If you are interested in video distribution, please see our information page for more tips on optimizing your network for zero distortion.

ZeroKey Technology
The remote control interface can use ZeroKey infrared code cloning to map any remote control key to each of the inputs & outputs.   ZeroKey technology is compatible with virtually all remote controls, and does not interfere with the normal operation of the remote.  Please see our quick start guide for a description of how to program for an IR remote using ZeroKey.

ZeroKey programming is stored in flash memory, and you will not need to reprogram even if you lose power.  If you buy a new remote in the future, don't worry, the CMX1616V can be reprogrammed as much as you like.

HDMI expansion capability
The CMX1616V has the ability to seamlessly add HDMI matrix switching capability.  Simply purchase one of our HMX series rack mountable HDMI matrix switches and connect the RS-232 port from the HMX switch to the expansion port on the CMX1616V.  You will be able to switch the HDMI matrix through the same control interface you use to switch the CMX1616V.  No need for a separate remote or RS-232 controller.

Upgradeable firmware
CMX1616V supports firmware updates over the RS-232 port.  Future updates will add the capability to control all our new products over the expansion port.

  Unit Includes
CMX1616V HDTV Matrix Switch as Pictured
12V DC Desktop Power Supply
Owners Manual
3 Year Warranty
48 High bandwidth analog inputs 
    75Ohm terminated at all frequencies
    Gold plated matched low impedance RCA jacks
    1Vpp nominal input swing (Ypbpr) or 1.3Vpp (Cvbs)   4Vpp maximum  (DC invariant)
    DC rejection via capacitive coupling
    Crosstalk < -80 dB
48 High bandwidth analog outputs  
   Source impedance 75 Ohms
   Gold plated matched low impedance RCA jacks
   All output sets individually controllable/switchable
   High performance amplifier capable of driving over 300ft of coax cable per output
   2V/V gain to properly drive output load termination (zero effective gain at display)
   -3dB bandwidth > 100 Mhz
6 Optical Digital audio inputs + 6 Optical Digital audio outputs
   Optical digital audio inputs have built in shutters, no plugs needed
   Selectable transcoding from coax digital audio
   All outputs individually controllable/switchable
8 Coax Digital audio inputs + 8 Coax Digital audio outputs
   Gold plated matched low impedance RCA jacks
   AC coupled to protect all connected equipment
   Capable of driving over 300ft of coax cables
   Selectable transcoding from optical digital audio
   All outputs individually controllable/switchable
arrow IR receiver (front)
RS-232 control input (DB9 female) & RS-232 expansion output (DB9 male)
Internal design
    Flash programmable micro controller enables ZeroKey remote technology
    Ultra wide bandwidth integrated buffered t-switch matrix prevents crosstalk or signal distortion
    Independent professional quality video amplifiers for best performance
    High reliability capacitors and self resetting fuse protection for long life
    Designed and manufactured in the USA
Black steel rack mountable housing 17" x 13" x 3.5" (2 RU)



CMX1616V Ultra Wide Bandwidth HDTV 16x16 Matrix Switch & Matrix Switcher Driver
Price: US $3299.99

Optional Rack Mount Ears (1 Pair)
Price: US $25.00

VideoStorm Matrix Switcher Drivers (RS232)
Price: US $79.99

Online Manual (MSWord)

Quick Setup Guide
Back Panel Image
Front Panel Image
Back Panel Diagram