Model #CB003
Ultra Wide Bandwidth HDTV Distribution Amplifier

  This product is a professional grade distribution amplifier for high bandwidth analog signals. Its most popular uses are:
Splitting component high definition video (Ypbpr) to 3 displays or storage devices.
Splitting digital audio (SPDIF/AES-EBU) to 7 receivers
Splitting composite video (RCA) to 7 displays or storage devices.
Splitting 2 composite videos and digital audio to 3 displays or storage devices.
Driving long coax cables for HDTV display in multiple rooms without signal degradation

The CB003 is the optimal solution for all these applications because it is built with the best high performance Burr-Brown video amplifiers. The specs speak for themselves. This unit delivers ultra clean noise performance and more bandwidth than needed for all high definition video standards.

All existing analog video formats can be handled by this amplifier, even future 1080p. Digital audio (coax rca) is also supported.

HD Video & Audio Splitting
The CB003 will split component video, but what about audio. We have the following options for adding audio. You can also see our FAQ for more information on audio distribution.

  1. If you just need analog stereo audio and have short cables, you can use inexpensive Y cables. You can add these to your order with the option box below.
  2. If you would like digital audio or composite video also or have long cables, add our CB003AA audio distribution amplifier.

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Why you may need this amplifier
Most video devices that output component video (SD or HD) only have one set of outputs. However, it is becoming increasingly common that home theaters have more than one piece of equipment that need the high quality component video. For example, your cable box or DSS outputs component video, which you would like to display on your TV and record with your DVD-R or TIVO. The only way to do this right is with a high bandwidth distribution amplifier. Other solutions such as "Y" cables or using s-video/cvbs greatly degrade the signal. The bottom line is you want to always watch and record the best video available from your component outputs. If you have fewer output jacks than input jacks, you will need this amplifier.

Video Distribution
CB003 is the ideal amplifier for driving long video cables in your home. Many vendors claim their products can do this, but very few can accomplish this without distortion of the video. The most important amplifier design factors in driving long cables are source impedance matching, output connector quality, amplifier bandwidth, and amplifier current drive and slew rate. Our amplifier uses the best components for all these, resulting in the best signal distribution you can get. If you are interested in video distribution, please see our information page for more tips on optimizing your network for zero distortion.

  Unit Includes
CB003 distribution amplifier as pictured
3 analog inputs, 9 analog outputs (Outputs: 3 sets of 3)
12V wall power supply
3 year warranty
3 inputs
75Ohm terminated at all frequencies
Gold plated matched low impedance RCA jacks
1Vpp nominal input swing (Ypbpr) or 1.3Vpp (Cvbs) 2.5Vpp maximum
9 outputs
Source impedance 75 Ohms
Gold plated matched low impedance RCA jacks
AC coupled to protect all connected equipment
High performance amplifier capable of driving over 100ft of coax per output
Gain matching : +/- 0.3% (0.003)
Harmonic distortion : -70dB
-3dB bandwidth > 160 Mhz
Internal design
Burr-Brown video amplifiers for best performance
High reliability capacitors and self resetting fuse protection for long life
Designed and manufactured in the USA
Black ABS plastic housing 6" x 6.5" x 3"

Ultra Wide Bandwidth HDTV Distribution Amplifier
Price: US $114.99