Cinemar understands that not everyone is a graphic designer. And while MainLobby comes with an abundance of graphics, there's always room for more. GuiGraphix libraries are imported directly into MainLobby and function just like other objects in your library. They are loaded at runtime - which means they display instantly without waiting. You can drag and drop them anywhere on your stage and assign user-defined actions and tinting.

This not only saves you time, but also money. Best of all, they enhance the user interface and overall experience for everyone. Each GuiGraphix library comes with sample scenes as well as the background skins required.


Library #0027

Introducing "FanArt" for version 4 of the media suite! This new creation incorporates movie and music fan art into scenes. An all inclusive package FanArt comes in iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and MainLobby versions.


Library #0030

The Koa Designer Library includes four interchangeable themes, Kona, Banff, Sonora and Vineyard. The basis of this design is to create a traditional dark wood look. The package consists of many wood frames and buttons with a menu driven interface. Comes in Full and Media Versions.


Library #0028

Gallery is an artistic basic black package which includes over 200 predesigned graphics and scenes all linked together in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Gallery was designed for those interested in a modern sophisticated look. A CEPro 2009 Finalist for Interface Design. Exclusively designed for Cinemar by MHd.

  Library #0019

Our goal was to create a Library that would emulate a complete home install from media to security and incorporate many of our existing plugins out of the box. Get up and running in no time with over 50 predesigned scenes and graphics.

  Library #0017

The ultimate collection of over 200 graphics based on orb style buttons. A massive number of icons to choose from that blend well with the complimentary buttons and sliders.

  Library #0014

This GuiGraphix library adds over 100 new buttons, meters, sliders, animations and elements that were designed to take advantage of MainLobby's unique tinting feature allowing users to match graphics to any background.

  Security Library

Completely predesigned Security Keypad based on the Napco Gemini and HAI Omni keypads. Add or remove buttons, relabel, change fonts and more to accomodate your own personal security system.


Thermostat Library

Completely predesigned Thermostat based on the HAI Omnistat. Add or remove buttons, relabel, change fonts and more.

  Home and Media Library

Over 75 Icons/Buttons releated to items found in the home and entertainment center

  XM Channel Graphics Library

Over 100 XM Channel Logos

  Network Logos Graphics Library (US)

Over 200 Network Logos including some Local and Canadian Stations


Horoscope Library

60 Icons representing all of the various signs in several different styles. Shown in MainLobby Library drop down as Custom03.

Downloads with MainLobby3 Client Installer.


GuiGraphix load directly into MainLobby

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