For those looking to add even more enhancements and customization to XMLobby or control interface, Cinemar is proud to introduce our latest GuiGraphix Library of XM channels.

Use the library graphics in combination with XMLobby's XM PCR plugin to enable the user to press the XM Channel Logo and have the XM Radio jump right to that station. Or use the graphics and MainLobby to control an external system such as Crestron or AMX.

This library not only includes all of the XM Channels, but also some sample MainLobby Scene files and the background skin pictured below.

This graphics library also allows you to add your own label beneath the button as well as several blank buttons in various styles for creating multi-level menus that blend well together. Each button also has a rollover/depressed state perfect for touch screens.

GuiGraphix load directly into MainLobby.


XM Channel Buttons
REQUIRES MainLobby 3

For personal use
Price: US $49.99

Actual Size

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