"FanArt" - Designer Library

FanArt is the newest iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and MainLobby design. Created for the diehard Movie and Music fan, it includes full screen rotating fan art on the home page as well as movies and music selections. A Media Version only, this library includes scenes for Movies, Netflix, Music, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Photos and Weather.


  The FanArt Library 0027 Features
1024x768 scenes for the iPad and MainLobby.
1280x800 scenes for an Android tablet.
Automatic display of movie and music fan art. Optional red curtains.
Over 350 Graphical Objects. Over 150 white icons for use over any button.
iPhone package included.
1920x1080 remote controlled interface for DVDLobby 4.

FanArt Home



1920 x 1080 Remote Control Scenes


Library #0027

"FanArt" for Version 4

iPad, iPhone, Android tablet & MainLobby

Retail Price: US $79.99





Designed Exclusively for Cinemar by

Margaret Holden designs (MHd),

Sedona, Arizona