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New drivers for Oppo, Dune and Lutron RadioRA 2 Released!

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, 09/12/2012 – Cinemar, Inc., a leading provider of affordable home automation and media management solutions since 2002, is proud to announce the release of several new drivers that fall under their AV Family category: Oppo and Dune HD Media Players. Oppo's Blu-ray Disc Players have become renowned for their exceptional picture and sound quality. Now you can control the Oppo via RS232 from Cinemar's line of software. They have also added support for Dune HD's line-up of dune-hdhigh-quality network media players. You'll enjoy the ability of launching movies directly from Cinemar's interface and watching them playback on your Dune HD Media Player. Lutron RadioRA 2 support has also been added and includes lighting, climate and shade control.


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