Upgrade Overview

MainLobby 4 and MLServer 4 are now available for purchase. This page has been put together to assist users in understanding the costs and various upgrade options available to existing and new customers

Please review the following paragraphs as they will outline all the options. If you have any questions about what you should purchase or what updates you are entitiled to please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.

A note about upgrade eligibility
If you currently own an equivalent V3 version of any V4 product then you qualify for the V4 upgrade. MLServer also introduces the concept of "Familes". Many MLServer V3 plugins are going to be replaced by Family device drivers. A device driver associated with a "Family" will always be free. Instead you only have to purchase a license for the Family. After that you are free to mix and match as many device drivers for that family as you need. This will greatly reduce the number of license keys you will have to maintain.

If you currently own a V3 plugin that has been replaced by a V4 Family device driver then you qualify for the upgrade to the V4 Family license for that plugin. For instance, owners of the old MLLighting plugin can upgrade to the Lighting Family license. Owners of the old MLMatrixSwitcher plugin are eligible for the upgrade to the Switching Family license. etc.

Product Availability
Starting with V4 all our software will be available for download via the Cinemar Installation Assistant. You will never have to log back into your shopping cart to find some driver or app. All you have to do is launch the Installation Assistant and select the items you wish to download and install. We also carry forward the tradition of being able to test drive all of our software for 30 days. All of the software remains fully functional during the evaluation period. You can download the latest version of the Cinemar Installation Assistant from here.
Installation and Upgrade Assistance
If you like all the features of our software but just cannot find the time to get everything installed and configured then our JumpStart program may just be what you need. Our new Remote Jump Start Program provides you with up to five hours of Remote Training and/or off-site project assistance. Get started today. Purchase five hours today at a discounted price of $399.99 and a Cinemar representative will contact you within one business day to setup a convenient time to login to your system or your customers. Your entire five hours do not have to be used all in one session. Our trainer will keep track of your remaining time. Click Add to Cart to get Jump Started today.

* Limit one per customer
V4 Product Upgrade Pricing (Existing V3 customers)
MainLobby 4/MLServer 4 Upgrade (5 Client License) Price: $129.99
MLServer 4 (5 Client License Upgrade) Price: $49.99
MusicLobby 4 Upgrade (3 music zones). Price: $59.99
DVDLobby 4 Upgrade. Price: $59.99
Satellite Radio 4 Upgrade (Does NOT support Online Streaming). Price: $29.99
Irrigation 4 Upgrade. Price: $49.99
RSS 4 Upgrade. Price: $14.99
WebLobby 4 Upgrade. Price: $22.99
AV Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: Arcsoft,PowerDVD,VLC,ZoomPlayer,Netflix) Price: $49.99
Climate Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: RadioThermostat) Price: $49.99
Control Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: HAI) Price: $49.99
Datacomm Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon). Price: $49.99
Lighting Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: UPB, Insteon, HAI). Price: $49.99
Pool & Spa Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon). Price: $49.99
Security Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: HAI). Price: $49.99
Video Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon). Price: $49.99
Switching Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: Avatrix, VideoStorm, Neothings). Price: $49.99
Energy Family Upgrade.
(Supported Devices: TED1000, TED5000). Price: $49.99
V4 Product Pricing (New Customers or New Purchases)
MainLobby 4/MLServer 4 (5 Client License). Price: $229.99
MusicLobby 4 App (3 music zones). Price: $129.99
DVDLobby 4 App. Price: $129.99
Google Calendar 4 App. Price: $29.99
Netflix 4 App. Price: $49.99
Internet Radio 4 App. Price: $49.99
Irrigation 4 App. Price: $99.99
Pandora Radio 4 App. Price: $49.99
RecipeLobby 4 App. Price: $49.99
RSS News Feeds 4 App. Price: $29.99
Satellite Radio 4 App (Does NOT support Online Streaming). Price: $49.99
WebLobby 4 App. Price: $44.99
AV Family.
(Supported Devices: Arcsoft,PowerDVD,VLC,Netflix,Nuvo) Price: $99.99
Climate Family.
(Supported Devices: RadioThermostat,HAI,Vera) Price: $99.99
Control Family.
(Supported Devices: HAI,Vera) Price: $99.99
Datacomm Family.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon) Price: $99.99
Lighting Family.
(Supported Devices: UPB,Insteon,HAI,Vera) Price: $99.99
Pool & Spa Family.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon) Price: $99.99
Security Family.
(Supported Devices: HAI) Price: $99.99
Shades Family.
(Supported Devices: Somfy) Price: $99.99
Video Family.
(Supported Devices: Coming Soon) Price: $99.99
Switching Family.
(Supported Devices: Avatrix, Videostorm, Neothings) Price: $99.99
Energy Family.
(Supported Devices: TED1000, TED5000) Price: $99.99
MainLobby Designer Libraries
GuiGraphix: Library #0027 "FanArt". Price: $79.99
GuiGraphix: Library #0028 "Gallery" (Full Version). Price: $149.99
GuiGraphix: Library #0028 "Gallery" (Media Version). Price: $79.99
GuiGraphix: Library #0030 "Koa" (Full Version). Price: $149.99
GuiGraphix: Library #0030 "Koa" (Media Version). Price: $79.99