MLS-1000 Server

Cinemar now offers MLServer Controllers that can be purchased preloaded with all of our popular software modules to make it super easy to experience the best in home automation and media control. Purchasing one of these turn-key systems can save you hours of time installing and configuring the huge assortment of available software.

The MLS-1000 Server is built on the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) series of mini-PCs. Each server is equipped with an Intel Core i5 mobile processor with 8 GB of memory and 64 GBs of solid state storage space. This solid state server packs a lot of punch in a very small package. With a total power consumption of less than 20 watts this is the perfect automation server for homes large and small.

The core software components, Windows, SQL server, MLServer are preloaded onto the internal 64 gigabyte solid state hard drive. This drive is not hot-swappable.

Control: The MLS-1000 Server can be used to control your various home automation and Audio / Video equipment. Either through serial control using GLobal Cache iTachs network adapters or via direct IP control of any networked device. (Appropriate Device drivers required)

Music: The silent MLS-1000 Server is perfect for use as an audio server. Use the internal stereo output for a single audio zone for your music or Internet based radio stations. You can also feed a Nuvo, Russound or other compatible whole house audio system by connecting the server's sound card outputs to your audio distribution system.

Movies: With its HDMI output you can also use this server to play back your movies. Your family won't need to know where the movie is stored. MainLobby makes your Theatre easy to use by anyone.

  MLS-1000 Server Specifications
Near Silent Intel Core i5 NUC Processor
Intel HD Graphics 5000
64GB - Solid State mSata hard drive (non-raid)
Windows 7 (64 bit - Optimized for MLServer)
4 USB ports
Standard front / rear panel connections include
    4 - USB 3.0 connectors
    1 - Mini-HDMI connector
    1 - Mini-DisplayPort connector
    1 - Gigabit Network connector
    1 - Line Out audio connector
    1 - External Power pack
Total Power less than 20 watts!!!
  Pre-installed Software
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft SQL Server
MLServer (5 client license)
MainLobby Web Designer
iPad Tablet Web App
iPad Mini Web App
Android Tablet Web App

Don't forget to customize your server with the software modules that you need for your home. With our modular software approach you can start off small and add on additional modules over time. All the optional modules that you purchase with your MLS-1000 server will also be pre-installed and configured by our trained technicians before the server ships out to you.

DVDLobby Movie management & playback
MusicLobby Personal Music management & playback
Internet Radio App 1,000's of radio stations
Netflix App Netflix subscription required
TuneIn Radio App 1,000's of Radio stations
Pandora Radio App Pandora subscription required
RecipeLobby App for the Chef in the family
BarLobby App for the Bartender in the family
A/V Family Control of hardware A/V equipment. Denon, Yamaha, Russound, etc.
Lighting Family UPD, Insteon, ISY, Z-Wave via MiCasaVerde
Security Family Elk, HAI, others
Climate Family IP and Serial Thermostats
Control Family IR control
For the full list of available software components please visit our products page.

Note: due to the volatility of the PC component market, and to keep up with ever changing PC technology, Cinemar reserves the right to exchange components for like kind replacement without notice. Cinemar server components are warranted by the original respective component hardware manufacturers.

Custom Servers configuration are available upon request. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

MLS-1000 Server
Price: US $1199.99