WebLobby is an add-on module that allows you to incorporate an Internet Explorer web browser window within MainLobby 3 and higher. This not only gives users access to the Internet and files stored locally on your hard drive but other web based automation software and security cameras.

Re-size or move the Web Browser anywhere on the Stage. Assign WebBrowser commands or web links to any MainLobby button. Place the WebBrowser window on any background skin of your choice. Configure which website loads when you start-up WebLobby.

Supports Macromedia Flash Player 6.

  WebLobby 3
REQUIRES MainLobby 3

Price: US $44.99

WebLobby 3 is FREE to all existing WebLobby Customers
  What's New in Version 3
Resize the web window without editing the INI file by dragging the bottom right corner resize anchor
Unlimited Number of WebLobby windows may be created across multiple scenes with unique startup URL
WebLobby can now be opened/saved in sub folders
New and improved User Manual
  WebLobby Features
Embed an Internet Explorer web browser into your MainLobby Scenes
Resize and position the web browser window while in Design Mode
Create a customized and branded web browsing experience for users
Assign web browser controls such as Refresh, Go and Back to MainLobby Buttons or your own custom graphics
Assign web links to MainLobby Buttons
Create an unlimited number of windows across scenes with unique Startup URLs
Display Java/Web based Security Cameras and control software
Access online banking, stocks and other web sites from MainLobby
Control the content users view and prevent unwanted access to the Internet
Touchscreen friendly


Sample Screenshots created with WebLobby    
  Integrate with other web server based Home Automation software such as HAL by incorporating them right into WebLobby.
  Control and view anything connected to HomeSeer right within WebLobby.
  Web interfaces don't have to look boring. Select from over 300+ buttons and assign web commands like Back, Go, Home, etc. Then totally change the look in seconds by adding a new background skin. Choose from over 50 skins.

Place and size the browser window anywhere on screen.