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MLMAudio Applications

MLMAudio plugin controls the M-Audio family of sound cards.

The MLMAudio plugin supports the Audiophile and Delta series. There are two seperate plugins to support the Delta (Audiophile) and the Revolution series sound cards.


This plug in supports MAudio series of audio products such Delta 1010LT, Delta-66, Delta-44 etc. It supports following functionalities:

1) Ability to take any input and route it to any output.

(Can be used as a matrix switcher)

2) Ability to take any input and route it to multiple output.

(Can be used to synch zones)

3) Support multiple MAudio sound cards.

4) Update input/output router status.

Note: volume for discrete channels is not supported by the M-Audio hardware. Input levels must be adjusted at the source.

Take note that there are now TWO MLMAudio plugins. MLMAudioDelta for the Delta and Audiophile products, and the MLMAudioRevo for the Revolution series of MAudio sound card products. Purchase and use the one that matches your sound card. The command syntax is same.



MLMAudioDelta Plugin
Price: US $39.99

MLMAudioRevo Plugin
Price: US $39.99




  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
MLMAudioDelta or MLMAudioRevo Plugin (to match your soundcard)
  Hardware Requirements
MLMAudio soundcard with latest drivers