Announcing the Denon Receiver Plugin for MainLobby

Denon makes a great line of audio receivers. They were also forward thinking enough to add a very capable RS232 serial port for bidirectional control and status. This allows the Mainlobby suite to remotely control the receiver and display current working state - even if the receiver is manually controlled!

You will be able to create macros that can change input sources, preset the volume, apply an audio effect with a push of a MainLobby button. The status messenging allows you to use the Denon receiver as a multizone amplifier as you will be able to control and view status of the receiver from any MainLobby PC or touchscreen in the house.

To protect your hardware investment (and your ears), there is a configurable maximum volume adjustment so the unwarry can't overdrive your speakers.

No one offers a more comprehensive plugin for the Denon line of receivers than Cinemar. If you have one of the listed Denon receivers, download the free 30 day trial and try it today!

  Plugin Requirements
MainLobby 3 / MLServer3
Denon Receiver with RS-232 port (see below)
Computer running Windows XP or higher
  Known Supported Models
AVR 2308
AVR 2805
AVR 2807
AVR 3805
AVR 3806
AVR 3808
AVR 4306
AVR 4308
AVR 4802
AVR 4806
AVR 5300
AVR 5308
AVR 5800
AVR 5805

MLDenon Plugin
(Full Version - Requires MainLobby 3)

Price: US $49.99

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