MLAutopatchHY Plugin






When you are looking to distribute multiple A/V sources to different areas of your home, a great way is with the Autopatch line of matrix switchers. Now, you can control the Autopatch switcher with Cinemar's Home Automation and Media Management Software. Support is included for the HY model, but users have advised that they are using it fine with the 4Y and the Precis models. Feel free to test drive the plugin for 30 days with your RS232 controlled Autopatch switcher to see if it works well with your model.


AutopatchHY Matrix Switcher Drivers
Price: US $34.99

  Software Requirements
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3
MLAutopatchHY MatrixSwitcher Plugin
  Supported Hardware
Autopatch HY ( 4Y and Precis reported to work fine as well )
Switch Audio/Video/Both from any Input to any Output
Creates Variables for true two-way interface design within MainLobby
Event Log for Troubleshooting
Supports both direct serial cable connection and connection via a Global Cache ethernet to serial adapter
  Exposed MLServer Variables
  Supported Commands