With the addition of MainLobby and our Russound ST2 Plugin, you can control and view the status of your Russound ST2 Tuner from any networked computer, a Samsung Q1 UMPC. or a TabletKiosk UMPCs.

Add MusicLobby, XMLobby and DVDLobby to display what is playing in each zone. Also, push text to your UNO Keypads such as displaying callerID, inside/outside temperature, security alerts on each keypad or what song/movie is playing.

Russound ST2
  Bidirectional control and feedback of the Russound ST2 Tuner. Uses RS232 communications (not RNET). Compatible with systems also running RNET.
Polls all Status Variables of Russound ST2 Tuner on Startup
Displays: Bank Selected, Frequency (AM/FM), Distant/Local, Stereo/Mono, Display (90.0 MHz FM), PreSet Selected, and Station (90.9)

Russound ST2 Tuner. Supports ST2S (Sirius), ST2XM (XM) and ST2XM2 (2 XM tuners)
Serial Port and cable
MainLobby 3
MLServer 3

MLRussoundST2 Plugin

  Sample Screenshots


Russound ST2 Plugin
(Full Version - Requires MainLobby 3 & MLServer 3)

Price: US $79.99

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