Announcing: Cinemar AMP152 Modular Amplifier

Cinemar's new AMP152 is an economical, easy means to add quality whole house audio to your MainLobby home. The novel amplifier design occupies an unused PC expansion slot and is powered by the PC power supply. The PC sound card audio output simply plugs into the input of the amplifier board. Speaker leads just plug in and you have a zone of audio!

Two AMP152 modules installed in a PC (two expansion cards on right). The bottom jack is Stereo Input, the top two jacks are Speaker Outputs (R & L)

Amplifier Design:

The AMP152 is a new T-Class design which is a high efficiency, high audio quality design. High efficiency allows for a small heat sink free design that won't add much heat to the interiour of the PC case. Power consumption is also minimized allowing reuse of the PC power supply for clean, regulated power. The design also has a very small footprint, which allows for room inside the PC.

But the real benefit of T-Class is the audio quality. This design has been favorably compared to amplifiers costing many times the price. Class T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class AB (likely found in home stereo receivers) and the power efficiency of Class D amplifiers (usually used in subwoofer amps).With inexpensive PC sound card audio quality exceeding almost all high end audio processors, you can have a quality audio experience at the low price of the AMP152. The AMP152 is perfect to drive high efficiency in wall speakers.

The modular design of the AMP152 makes it super easy to add another zone of audio. Just add another AMP152 card and plug it in! The AMP152 is a perfect mate for MusicLobby 3 multizone audio system. MusicLobby 3 controls the zone's volume of the PC's sound card, which feeds into the AMP152. Installed in the PC, it leverages low cost case and power supply that you already purchased making for a clean, economical alternative to traditional standalone whole house audio controllers.

Two AMP152 modules installed in a PC (on left)

Amplifier Specifications:

Class-T architecture
Single Supply Operation
Audiophile Quality Sound
  0.03% THD+N @9W, 4 Ohm
  0.18% IHF-IM @1W, 4 Ohm
  11W @4 Ohm, 0.1% THD+N
  6W @8 Ohm, 0.1% THD+N
Room Filling Power
  15W @ 4 Ohm, 10% THD+N
  10W @ 8 Ohm, 10% THD+N
High Efficiency
  81% @ 5 W, 4 Ohm 88% @ 10 W, 8
Dynamic Range = 102 dB
Each AMP152 supports two channels of audio (one Zone)
Occupies one PCI case slot. Does not require insertion into motherboard slot. - cannot be installed over motherboard slots that have tall electronic components near the expansion slot


What's Next:

Cinemar is producing a rack mounted case that can be filled with AMP152 (and other) modular Cinemar hardware products for your ever expanding media and automation control needs. A higher power version of the AMP152 is also in development to drive low efficiency speakers, or to support higher dB levels.



Includes Amplifier Card, Input, Output and Power Connectors

Price: US $149.99 Introductory offer: $125.99 (each)